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   Welcome to Force Controls
    Force Controls, located in Waterford, Michigan, is a leader in the world of industrial gage production. We specialize in precision gages for use in a wide variety of measuring applications.
  Some of our product features include:
Unique, compact and rugged mechanical force measuring tools utilize sensing diaphragm technology.
Long, virtually maintenance-free life. All moving parts are completely enclosed and protected, which reduces chances of environment contamination or tampering
Slides, pivots or springs that wear are not used. No routine cleaning or adjusting is needed.
Easy-reading dials - dials have bold numbers, with increments of 1% of scale. For greater resolution, 1/2% of scale increments are available.
Versatility - gages can be used in any position. Threaded trunnions are available for direct mounting of fittings or tools to the cell.
1050CS Gage
8050CS Gage
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